Crops We Grow


  Strawberries ~

       Hoods ~ classic Oregon berry, medium size,
                         sweet, great for jam
        Shuksan ~ large, sweet flavor, can have
                         'wrinkle' shape

Season:  June

  Raspberries ~

      Meeker ~ medium size, sweet flavor, small seeds

          Tulameen ~ firm, large berry, excellent flavor

Season:  Mid June ~ end of July

  Marionberries ~

       A native Oregonian!  Excellent for pies and jam.
         Favorite of many!

Season:  July ~ August

  Blackberries ~

       Chester ~ thornless

Season:  August

  Blueberries ~

       Early Blues ~ our first variety to ripen, very sweet

       Blue Crop ~ large, sweet berry

Season:  Mid June ~ August

  Cherries ~

       Royal Anne ~ yellow & red, sweet

       Van ~ dark red color, sweet

Season:  Late June

  Peaches ~

       Early Red Haven ~ our first variety to ripen
       Red Haven ~ sweet, large fruit, all over red color
       Hale-Haven ~ freestone, deep yellow flesh
       Rosa ~ peachy flavor
       Veteran ~ yellow flesh, freestone, easy to peel
                            skin, excellent for canning
       Elberta ~ classic, freestone, good flavor

Season:  Mid July ~ August

  Bartlett Pears ~

       Very sweet flavor, excellent for canning

Season:  August

  Sweet Corn ~

       Bodacious ~ a super sweet yellow corn

       Honey Select ~ a triple sweet yellow corn

Season:  August, October

  Broccoli ~

Season:  July

  Cauliflower ~

Season:  July

  Lettuce ~

Season:  Early July

  Zucchini ~

Season:  August

  Tomatoes ~

Season:  End of August

  Peppers ~

Season:  End of August

  Green Beans ~

     Season:  Mid July

  Cabbage ~

Season:  Late June ~ Late August, October

  Cucumbers ~

Season:  Late July ~ 1st of August

  Pumpkins & Fall Decorations ~


Season:  October

  Flowers ~

       Several varieties of perennials and annuals.
             Including ~ Beautiful dahlias & peonies

Season:  June

  Herbs ~

     Spearmint, basil, oregano, sage,
      chives, lavender, cilantro

Season:  June ~ August


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